Current Talks

Here are details of (some of) my available talks. If you would like a variation or even a different subject, just ask.

Local History

Local, that is to eastern Yorkshire. I hold an Honours degree in Regional and Local History from the University of Hull and have been carrying out research for over 40 years. I have also taught local history classes for several years.

  • History of Sculcoates (if you don't know where it is, don't book this talk!). Suitable for local and general groups.
  • The Hohenrein Brothers. The story of a family of German pork butchers from Hull during the Great War.

See also my Titanic talks (below).

Family History

I have nearly 40 years experience of family history research and have taught classes in the subject for over 25 years. This is just a selection of talks I've given, so if you've got another family history topic in mind, let me know and I'll try and oblige.

  • An Introduction to Family History. An overview of what's involved in researching your family tree, sources and methods. Suitable for those just starting out in family history research or general interest groups.
  • Using the Internet for Family History Research. How to get the best out of the most popular websites (eg Ancestry, Findmypast, FreeBMD), including the pitfalls of relying exclusively on information found in this way. We also look at some of the less well-known sites. Suitable for family history groups.
  • The Victorian Census. How the census was taken and tips for finding people in online resources. I also include many strange and amusing examples of names, occupations and oddments I have come across during my research. Suitable for family or local history groups but can also be adapted for more general groups.
  • The Parish Chest. An overview of the types of records to be found at parish level before the mid 18th century. Apart from Parish Registers, there are a range of other records that can help you find where your ancestors were living, about their community and their place within it. Suitable for family history groups.


As a result of my recent research into local people connected to the Titanic, I can now offer the following talks which have been given to groups all over Yorkshire. All are suitable for history or general groups.

  • TITANIC: the Yorkshire connection. Following a general introduction to the Titanic story, I then feature 2 or 3 people in more detail. Where possible, those I choose to feature are local to the venue, so no two talks are the same.
  • TITANIC: life on board. A look at the ship herself and what it was like to be a passenger or member of crew - where they slept, where and what they ate, how they passed the time.
  • Children of the Titanic. A look at some of the youngest passengers and crew on the great liner.
  • **NEW** TITANIC and her Sisters - available later in 2021. A look at not just Titanic but also RMS Olympic and HMHS Britannic, the 3 White Star superliners and what became of them.


General talks that don't fit into any of the above categories.

  • The Mysterious Mr Smart. The story of a wealthy American businessman, living in New York during the early part of the 20th century. Following his sudden and unexpected death, his friends and business associates quickly realised that they knew very little about him...and what they thought they knew was not necessarily correct! Even something as basic as his name was thrown into doubt. Over 100 years after his death, using my family history knowledge and research techniques, I have managed to unravel this man's fascinating story and his link to Yorkshire. Suitable for family history or general interest groups.

Shorter Talks

Several of the above talks can be tailored to fit a 20-30 minute slot. Please ask for detailsThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..